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Considering Selling your Home?

Should You Sell Your Home?

Are you trying to decide whether or not to sell your house? Or when to sell your house? Or how much you want to sell your home for?  There is no “normal” home sale, every situation is different and every transaction will be different – which is why communication and an knowledgeable real estate expert is so important.

Why do you want to Sell your home?

  • Need a larger house?
  • Downsizing?
  • Changing school districts (timing matters when it comes to buying a new home and enrolling in a new school district)?
  • Financial distress?
  • Transferring or changing jobs?
  • Tired of your commute?
  • Life changes including getting married, having a baby or divorce?

Being clear about your intentions for selling will make it easier for us to determine the most appropriate option for your specific financial, lifestyle, and real estate goals.

When Should I Sell?

There is a timeline that is average for most real estate sales. Mary Anne can help you make choices based upon an average timeline and your specific reasons for selling. If you need to sell quickly, Mary Anne can speed up the process by giving you a complete market analysis and action plan to obtain all of your goals. If there is no pressing need to sell immediately, then she can start an ongoing conversation so you can time the market conditions with your moving desires.  She has knowledge to help you find the most favorable time to sell.

What Is The Current Home Selling Market Conditions?

When you work with Mary Anne, you can be confident that you will benefit from her candid knowledge, communication skills and negotiating experience to maximize the sales price. She will always keep you informed the marketplace – including price, financing, terms and conditions of competing, pending and sold properties.

Looking at the Numbers….

Deciding to sell your home requires a holistic approach to your current financial situation. Mary Anne can help estimate the numbers and results of selling your home at different prices and terms.  She will be able to effectively assess the cumulative impact of these changes, estimate potential proceeds of selling your property, and recommend professionals who are aware of effective tax savings and estate planning strategies.

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What's My Home Currently Worth?

Thinking of Selling or interested in learning about a neighbor’s house? We can help you see what it’s worth in today’s market.

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